The point of no return

What is really going on in the lives of another couple and that isolation that loneliness doesn’t help us. It’s actually quite damaging. 

When you limit one sense, like sight, it often activates the other senses and the first one that it activates is actually listening. Listening is the first sense that any baby experiences in utero. It is the recognition of the mother’s voice. It is our first most primal connective sense.

When we listen deeply to other people, we reach into their humanity. We also get to see Ourselves, and we certainly get to understand otherness difference Let’s listen together Intensely, and if you get uncomfortable if you feel the vulnerability of having your sight limited, just breathe and accept it.

You need to know what you can live with. How much uncertainty? I sometimes used to describe what happens in relationships these days as called stable ambiguity. 

Stable ambiguity is that we are together nowadays? Just enough so that I don’t have to feel alone, but not too much so that I don’t have to feel committed. You need to know how much of that stable ambiguity is too afraid to be alone and not mature enough to really delve deep into the scary parts of self,. 

You know all these ultimatums. You just simply at one point decide I don’t want this this. I don’t want it for a multitude of reasons. It makes me doubt myself. It makes me doubt your connection to me. And that’s the point of no return.

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